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The cable car is closed

Nature on Two Wheels

Unforgettable Montenegrin Tours

The Wonders of the Lovćen Region

Authentic Villages, Majestic Lovćen Slopes, and Serenity at Ivan's Korita

            Lovcen National Park Bike Tour with Ivanova Korita: A Montenegrin Adventure

16 km / moderate / + 390m/-400m / 3 hours

The moderately challenging bike tour begins at the Kuk Bike Station and takes you through authentic local villages. As you conquer gravel and asphalt trails, you'll be accompanied by the magnificent slopes of Mount Lovćen and the refreshing breeze. Your first stop will be Dolovi, a typical Montenegrin village where you must indulge in local rakija, homemade prosciutto, and cheese. Continuing the journey, you'll reach the panoramic viewpoint known as King's resting place. You'll then proceed to visit Ivanova Korita, a beloved local retreat.


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A Hedonist's Delight

Experience Nature's Beauty and Authentic Cuisine on a Leisurely Ride

Boka Bay Bliss: A Hedonist's Tour on Two Wheels

25 km / easy / flat  / 2.5 hours


 For all the true hedonists seeking to revel in the most exquisite nature and authentic cuisine, join us on a leisurely bike tour around the breathtaking Bay of Kotor. The tour starts and finishes at the Lower Cable Car Station (location link).

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Exploring Lovćen National Park: A Taste of Montenegrin Tradition

Discover the Rich History and Delights of Dolovi Village

Lovcen Express: E-bike Adventure Through Montenegro’s Iconic Park

11 km / easy to moderate / + 290m/-290m / 2,30 hours

At the Kuk Bike Station, you'll find the Velo staff ready to assist you for your tour of Lovćen National Park. Starting from the Kuk station, you'll head towards the village of Dolovi, a typical Montenegrin village where you can pause and enjoy homemade rakija, prosciutto, and cheese. This tour is perfect for those with limited time who want to experience authentic Montenegrin traditions and explore landscapes where the famous history of a nation unfolded.

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Journey to Lovćen: A Scenic Adventure in Montenegro

Explore the Beauty of Kotor, Njeguši, and the Epic Climb to Lovćen

Panoramic Serpentine Road E-Bike Tour: A Self-Guided Adventure

               25 km / moderate  / + 1400m/-80m / 2-3 hours

Turn on your GPS and get ready for an epic ascent to Lovćen! The tour begins from the charming Old Town of Kotor, leading you along a scenic route towards Trojica. On the way to Njeguši, brace yourself for 25 famous hairpin bends. As you climb, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor and the air that signals your proximity to the mountain. Indulge in local authentic products and make sure to allocate time for exploring the renowned Montenegrin village of Njeguši. At the culmination of your adventure, a cable car ride awaits you at the upper Kuk station, granting you a magnificent vista of the Bay of Kotor as you descend back to Kotor.

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