The cable car is closed
The cable car is closed


Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit: Discover Nature's Treasures

Hike from Kuk to King’s Resting Place

10 km / 2-3 hours / + 210 m/- 270m

If you want to spend a few hours hiking around National Park Lovcen, this is a tour for you. It’s suitable for all fitness levels, for kids and adults. The road is gravel, and some parts of the path are in the forest, so the hike is enjoyable.


However make sure you take your hat,water, good shoes and sun cream with you!


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Hike from Ivanova Korita to Trestenicki peak and back

8.5 km / 3 hours / + 220 m/- 210 m

This tour is almost 8.5 km long and includes a circle around Lovcen National park and Trestenicki peak at 1489m. Once you are there, the view expands over Jezerski peak and Stirovnik at 1749m. This is quite an easy tour, suitable for all levels.


However, make sure you are equipped with good shoes and sun cream. Water is available at Ivanova Korita spring.


Get informed or book through the link.