Medieval Adventures

Your daily fun in the Old Town of Kotor reaches its peak at the top of the Kotor Cable Car.

Dive into the heart of adventure. Explore the enchanting history of this magnificent bay. 

Discover stories about the people, ships, and cities along the Bay of Kotor.

Take a selfie in medieval armor as a memory of Montenegro. In addition, immerse yourself in the past with hands-on activities - practice archery, swordplay, and explore the ancient crafts of medieval blacksmithing, milling, and printing.

The peak of the cable car isn't just a view of the Bay of Kotor. Make it fun!

Our goal is to bring the past to life and present it to people in such a way that even those who initially didn't love learning about the Middle Ages or antiquity begin to truly love it. At the end of our tour, visitors simply don't want to leave.