Vertical Playground Towers

The Vertical Playground Towers consist of interconnected platforms, slides, and multi-level tunnels that offer endless opportunities for adventure. Designed to provide hours of active play, allowing children to climb, slide, and crawl through various challenges.


These towers are built to foster child development. The vertical and complex layout of the playground enhances motor skills, improving physical fitness, coordination, and balance. Activities such as climbing, crawling through tunnels, and sliding down twists encourage the development of strength and agility, as well as cooperation and confidence among young explorers.

Safety is the most important component in the construction of the Vertical Playground Towers. Each element is rigorously tested and manufactured in accordance with EN 1176 safety standards for playgrounds, creating an environment where parents can feel secure while their children play. 

This new playground offers world-class recreational opportunities for children and families visiting Lovćen National Park. It aligns with principles of sustainability and the preservation of the natural beauty of this area, representing a thoughtful blend of fun and environmental awareness.